3 Ways to Have Better Self Esteem

Here are 3 Ways to Have Better Self Esteem:

1) Retrain your brain to notice the things you like about yourself.  Use positive self speak, because your spirit believes what you say about yourself.

2) Improve yourself.  Learn something new and do something for yourself that makes you feel good.

3) Change from the inside out.  You become what you radiate out, so if you’re cranky and grumpy you’re going to look that way.  If you use positive self speak that makes you feel good, you’re going to feel and look good.


Past Life Interview Series Part 2 – Joanna Turner

In this interview, Joanna Turner shares how she found out about her life where she was burnt at the stake as a witch.

She explains the journey she went through to heal this life and integrate her past life memory into her current life.

Originally from Scotland, now a digital nomad. Joanna is a leading Intuitive Business Mentor, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner, (and former Chartered Accountant!) She is a mentor to female entrepreneurs, and specializes in busting money & visibility blocks.  Find out more about her and her current offerings at www.missionforbalance.com

Past Life Interview Series Part 1 – Marin Bach-Antonson

In this interview, Marin Bach-Antonson reveals how she was violently attacked by a mob in her past life.

She shares the way she processed the memories from that life to empower not only herself but many others.

Thank you Marin for opening up and sharing your story with us!

Marin is a priestess, coach, catalyst, and energetic midwife for the new feminine paradigm.  You can read more about her and her current offerings at www.riseupgoddess.com.

Introducing the Past Life Interview Series


Past Life Interview Series

In this powerful video series, I interview successful spiritual leaders who discuss their personal experiences with past life persecution, and how they were able to overcome a victim role and focus on self-empowerment.

We’ll be interviewing one spiritual professional each week, starting tomorrow.

But first…a story:

I was enjoying a sunny day at the Saturday market where I ran my Tarot booth, when a Raven haired woman approached.  She pointed at the tapestries hanging behind me, “I love those!”

We started making small talk about magic and I asked her how I could energetically protect my booth, because the old gypsy palm reader had been throwing me shade.

She gave me some good advice and then shook my hand.  Gasping, she pulled back and said, “You were an Oracle at Delphi!”

I was weirded out and intrigued at the same time.  No one had ever said anything like that to me before.  She gave me her card and we set up a time to talk more at her home.

I arrived at her place as the sun was setting and I felt like I was going to visit the village soothsayer…because I was.

Her home was decorated with hanging herbs and candles, and as she led me into the kitchen she said, “My mother always told me not to trust anyone who’s uncomfortable in your kitchen, because that’s the heart of your home.”

We sat at the dining room table and she started to invoke my spirit guide.  She told me he was a giant dude with a big gash on his face, that he seemed like a gladiator.  “He’s very protective of you – he’s hovering over you right now.”

She told me I had done him a favor in another life and that in this life he was happy to be my protector.

Then she started to talk about a few of my past lives.  “You’ve been a healer, you’ve been a healer, and you’ve been a healer, and then all of a sudden…they start to hate you for it.” 

She went on to describe how I went through all three inquisitions.  “The Spanish Inquisition was the worst….it was not good.”  I started to feel nauseous.

The nausea continued as I took the train home.  I started to feel dizzy and realized I was going to pass out.  I got off on the next stop, took a few deep breaths and walked home.

It took a while for me to integrate this strange information…I knew it was true.  It all made sense, the mistrust of others, not trusting myself, keeping my life private, getting anxiety and my throat closing up when doing readings.

I still wasn’t convinced, so I decided to consult some professional psychics and past life readers.  After 3 in a row telling me that I was burned as a witch without me telling them anything about myself; I was a little more convinced.

I was even more convinced when I started retrieving past life memories in my meditations.

At one point I saw men with dark beards wearing chain link armor marching in a row, and I got the feeling that I thought they were total dolts.  I did some research and found out that must have been during the crusades.

Another time I saw myself sitting in a living room weaving black thread through an embroidery hoop.  It looked like I had a nice fancy dress on and the living room was well decorated.

When I researched that, I found that there’s a specific kind of Spanish embroidery called blackwork that was popular in the 15th and 16th centuries.  This would be around the same time of the Spanish Inquisition which was established in the late 15th century.

After all this synchronicity, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I made a conscious choice to move through all the feelings I had about itgrief, anger, despair, hopelessness, abandonment, rage…which became a healing process that helped me remember what’s important to me.

I realized quickly that I was going to have to let go of the victim role & find a new way to feel empowered, otherwise there was no way I was going to be able to walk down a spiritual path in this life.

If I didn’t let go of my victim role, I would never find my true self, because our natural state is to be empowered. 

The biggest way I did this was to take what I learned from those lives, and focus on what desire it left me with…

To help people who have lost touch with their magic to stand in their true power & be unapologetic about their magic & not even feel like they must convince anyone that it’s real…

And to get people to realize that putting someone else’s beliefs of spirituality down doesn’t make your beliefs and spiritual experience any more legitimate or right.

To all the magical people who’ve experienced religious or spiritual persecution in this life or others, find out what it is that drives you to keep sharing your true self & focus on that.

Know that you are safe, and the world desperately needs & wants you here.


Spring Equinox

Today is a great day to go within and recognize the increasing light within you.

That may bring new awareness to something that needs to be left behind to move forward and fully embody this light, which is empowering to your Highest Potential.

Take some time to meditate and internally reflect on what is being reborn within you and how your old identity needs to fall away for you to move forward with your new identity and your new life.

Ask how you can come more into alignment with your new life.

Sometimes that will include drawing from past experiences, but sometimes it will require a new approach and being willing to have strength and courage and confidence in yourself and your own abilities that you are in alignment with what you’re calling forth into your life

And that as long as you stay in alignment with your true self and your most authentic self you’ll be empowered on this path and this journey.

So, you can leave old fears and your old identities behind.

Take some time to honor yourself and what you’re moving into and the light that’s increasing within you now.

How to align your will more with the will of the divine and the greater good and how you can step into the flow of that and be a part of that.

And a great way to do that is to get out in nature and see how nature’s flowing now and how can I step more into the flow of life and my surroundings and my own body.

Focus on your whole body and how that feels.  Notice if there’s any parts that are in pain or numb…just scan your body and see how you can have this union with your own body.

Just be fully aware of every sensation and send yourself love and feel as good as possible in your own body.

Happy Spring Equinox!

Weekly Guidance 2/20 – 2/26


There’s a slower start to the week of healing and recovering.

Spend some time in a quiet restorative, reflective practice.

Stop trying to figure things out.

Just relax & quiet your mind & the answers will come to you at the exact right, perfect time.

Retreat, but don’t procrastinate.

Hiding yourself under a rock can be nice sometimes, but if you stay there too long it can crush you.

Do what you can to get started & follow through & move forward with your plans.

The retreat is where we regain our energy & this renewal is needed to have the energy to keep going.


Book your one-on-one session HERE.

I’m opening up 4 spots in March for ongoing support for radical transformation, empowerment and healing.  These spots are open to those that are truly committed and dedicated to their spiritual path.  Set up a discovery call HERE to apply and find out how getting support in this way can deeply change your life.

Weekly Guidance August 8th – 14th: Lion’s Gate


This is a very strong powerful week for manifesting, so keep your thoughts and intentions clear and focused on what you want to experience in your life.

This is not a time to play small and accept what is comfortable for you; this is the time to think about all of your dreams coming true.

What would it be like if all of your highest and best hopes, dreams, and wishes were to come true and to unfold naturally in a way that is beyond anything you could have logically thought out or planned for yourself?h

You know what these desires are because they come from your heart.

It benefits all of life for your desires to be fulfilled…so know that you are worthy.

Accept your worthiness.

You may wish to use the power of your word and write down some of your wishes for what you hope to experience and how are you hoping to be involved in the world over the next year down on paper.

You are also being invited to be aware of the objections and doubts that your logical mind has to the fulfillment of these desires.

It is not your job to figure out how these dreams are going to come true.

It is your job to have faith in your desires, and to know that they can be fulfilled in miraculously unexpected ways.  When you let go of trying to figure out how these things will happen, that’s when you give your Higher Self permission to work on your behalf.

Then, make it your intention to deeply receive help.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually just receive without putting out any effort.

You will know when the time is right to take action.

This is a yin/yang balance.  You need to embrace and embody the yin receiving side of yourself, and then the yang side of yourself can take guided action.

Be at peace and know that all is well.

All you have to do is ask your heart what it desires for your life.

When you’re listening to your heart’s desires there is no right or wrong, there is only pure strength and innocence.


I have 2 spaces available in August for 6 weeks of personalized, intimate, ongoing support for powerful people looking to make massive long term changes in their life.

If this sounds like you, email me at contact@norawallace.com to set up a free 30-minute discovery session, including a free mini-reading with immediate guidance.

Why You Need to Stop Trying to Find a Relationship


There we were, sitting in my car, two 18 year olds, on a stale gray day in North Dakota. We had been very close friends for two years, and we’d gotten to the point where we were exasperated with one another and it was either stay or go. After teetering on the edge of “best friends” and “boyfriend/girlfriend” for two years, it was time to make a decision.

I took a puff of my cigarette (yeah…I’ve done some drinkin’….some druggin’….) and asked him…

“Do you even love me?”

He looked off into the distance and the moments waiting for his answer took all the air out of the room. My palms were sweaty, my heart was pounding, and my throat was so tight I could barely swallow.

He turned and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “No.” His answer was so firm I almost believed him.

All I could say was, “Ok.” I felt the tears welling up behind my eyes and a rush of emotion to my heart. I asked him to leave.

After seeing each other every day for the past two years, we went our separate ways. For a month I thought about him every day…it was like I was mourning the loss of this great friendship. I thought about contacting him, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I had already been in that place before; of begging for someone’s love and affection.

Once, I found myself literally begging for someone to not break up with me. I was completely infatuated with him and I envisioned us getting married, having kids, and living happily ever after. He just stood there like a statue and left. We haven’t seen each other since.

Another time, I found myself trying to be in a relationship with someone else. We’d been seeing each other off and on, and I don’t even remember how it got to this point but one night I must’ve called him about 50 times with no response. It drove me CRAZY. All I wanted him to do was pick up the damn phone and just BE with me. Obviously….he did not…and I got over it.

I was like a constricting Snake, gripping onto its pray, squeezing tighter and tighter, and not letting go until there’s no more heartbeat and it’s dead, dead, dead.

That got me nowhere.

Finally, I decided I was tired. Tired of being rejected and feeling abandoned. Tired of being alone, but even more tired of all the energy I was putting into finding a man.
I was done. Done trying to make someone love me.

I knew that I was going to have to LOVE MYSELF. No one was going to be able to fill that hole in my heart except me.

I prepared to be single for the REST OF MY LIFE. I accepted that that was just how it was going to be. I told the Universe that I wasn’t against being in a relationship, but if I couldn’t be with someone that was right for me, I would rather just be alone, and left it at that.

This decision forced me to shift my focus in life. I had to find out how to make myself be happy on my own.

I wasn’t going to try to make him love me…I had to let go.

I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I started doing Yoga regularly, reading and writing more often, and I began to feel a sense of true peace and transcendence.

One day, about a month after we hadn’t spoken to each other, I was sitting at home by myself. I saw something on TV that made me think of him. All of a sudden, I just missed him so much. I missed his company. I missed sharing things with him.

We saw the world in such a similar way that there were certain things I could tell him that I wouldn’t tell anybody else. He got me in a way that no one else got me.

It almost felt like an out of body experience as I watched myself pick up my phone and text him, “I miss you.” I didn’t care what would happen, I just felt like my heart would implode if I didn’t say that.

My heart swelled with joy and I was overcome with emotion when he messaged me back, “I miss you too!!!”

We set up a time to hang out, and began slowly rebuilding our relationship. I later found out that right at the very moment I texted him, he was sulking around listening to music that reminded him of me, which goes to show that my man is a bad ass wizard.

Fast forward to today; we’re married, have two (amazing and crazy) daughters. We’ve moved across the country several times and have learned a lot about ourselves. We’ve gone through our own spiritual awakenings, and our lives are not defined by each other.

We give each other FREEDOM.

We accept each other fully for who we are. We support each other through our own individuality. We stand on our own two feet; we don’t depend on each other. We take care of ourselves, and cooperate with each other to parent our daughters and create a life together that is mutually satisfying.

Sometimes we miscommunicate and get on different pages. We always find a way to clear the air and get back on the same page.

I’m not saying that this is how it has to go, or how it will go for everyone who is in a loving relationship, because people have different definitions of what it means to be in a happy relationship. For me, I had to learn to let go and not have any expectations. I also had to accept loss, which meant not having the fear of losing someone because I knew that I would always still be myself.

Being friends first is what worked for me.

It worked because we got to know each other as PEOPLE before we decided to commit to being in a relationship. That way we didn’t define each other through our relationship. I see him as a whole person, not just my man or the father of my daughters. He is a man who stands on his own two feet and happens to be my husband.

There are many other aspects to both of our personalities than just having each other in our lives.

That is what makes our relationship so powerful.

There’s no fear attached to our relationship. Our lives are enhanced by being with each other, but if we didn’t have each other we would still be happy on our own.

So, if you are in that place of yearning to be in a deeply meaningful, loving relationship, or are even in a relationship but it’s not going the way you’d hoped…

Remember that you are your own best friend.

The Deeper you love yourself,

The Deeper you can share true Love with another.

Nora Wallace is a Tarot Reader and Shamanic Practitioner who offers magical life-changing guidance and support for those going through radical life transitions.

To get guidance and support to go deeper into an intimate relationship with yourself and attract the kind of relationship you want to be in, email contact@norawallace.com to schedule a free 30-minute exploratory call.


Weekly Reading May 2nd-8th


Happy Beltane!  This is a fiery time of year.  Our inner fires are being re-lit from the same fire that fuels all of life.  Celebrate!

This week, the card that guides us is Soul Retrieval, from the Isis Oracle deck.

“Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess”

We are going through powerful healing transformations.  Be delicate with yourself this week, as you are being brought more into wholeness.  You are discovering new parts of you and rediscovering forgotten parts of you, and integrating them into your life.

Self-care is also emphasized this week.  You’re not responsible for others’ happiness.  Everyone must strengthen their own energy fields.  So, take the time to meditate, cook yourself a nice meal, take a long bath, stretch, work out, make some art, do some gardening, etc.

The Divine Feminine is being reawakened and remembered right now.

The Holy Mother of All Life is in Everything.

The Goddess Isis is a High Priestess and Sovereign Queen of the One Holy Mother.  She wants you to know that she is always there for you, always supporting you, always on your side and hoping for your best.

To set up a session with me to receive personalized spiritual guidance that you can practically apply to your life, email me at contact@norawallace.com.

Spiritual Professionals: Your Work is Important!


I want to thank you for all the work you do, and remind you that what you do is meaningful.  You may never know the true extent of how you help people, but I am here to remind you that what you do has a positive effect in the lives of the people that you work with.

Here is the story of the first time I got a reading from a spiritual professional, and how she made a lasting impact on my life:

I remember her clearly.  Her aura gave off the warm aroma of essential oils and she looked at you as though she could see right through to your soul.

She was mystical like the color purple, but she was also down to earth like rich soil.

She graciously invited me into her home and brought me to her reading area.  With the spark of a match she passed the smoke of Sage over me.  When she asked me why I was there, I gave an emotionally charged, frenetic response.  Her Taurean sobriety was comforting to me.

The first cards she pulled were Temperance and the 5 of Swords.

“It looks to me like you’re trying to make something work, but it isn’t quite working for you.”

Immediately what came to mind was my relationship with my husband.  I thought about all the conversations we’d had recently where it seemed impossible to reach any sort of mutual conclusion.  This was extremely frustrating to me, being that he was (and still is) my best friend, so I couldn’t talk about this to the person I would normally turn to.

She started describing to me the Queen of Swords, “…emotionally distant…seeks the highest truth…presents impossible tests of loyalty in relationships…high standards of perfection…”

I knew that she was describing my husband.   She was good.

Then came her description of the King of Wands,                                                             “aggressive…intolerant…headstrong…temper…dramatic…”

Holy crap.  That was me.

She just described the way we had been communicating with each other at the time.  How did she know this?

It was in the cards.  And man, did she know her cards. 

She did not mince words, she gave me tough love realness and told me exactly what I had to do to stop my pity party.   I’m not sure what I expected or wanted to hear that day, but she wasn’t going to give it to me.

What she did give to me, was what I actually needed to hear.  When I got home I was able to apply all the advice she gave me.  Our conversations became more well-rounded, and we were able to see things from each other’s perspectives.

Not only did she help me to see my relationship dynamics more clearly so that I could better communicate with my husband…

…but my first Tarot reading awoke within me the deep connection I have to the cards (and eventually other forms of divination) that spans across this and other lifetimes.

To the woman who showed me that it’s possible to forge your own path in the world, thank you.  You’ve shown me that:

“You can go your own way!”

She wasn’t the first, either, and she won’t be the last.  I’ve been so inspired by the immense wisdom held by the spiritual professionals who have helped me along my way.

So whether you are helping someone to navigate their close personal relationships, or get the nerve to pursue their passion with bold confidence, you are doing great work! 

Thank you for your commitment and courage to show up in the world in a way that is authentically spiritually aligned.   Thank you for being you, and offering your truth, your practicality and your realness!

You are helping to transform this world for the better. 

Love, Nora