Weekly Reading July 4th-10th


The beginning of the week offers cleansing and renewal with the Ace of Cups.  Nurture yourself and spend time on things that make you feel good.

The Ace is a chance for a fresh start.  The Cups suit is the watery, emotional realm; so focus on hope, optimism, beauty, purity, etc.  Water is fluid; it goes with the flow, it isn’t rigid.

Find fulfillment through emotional and spiritual intelligence.  In meditation, ask to be aligned mind, body, and spirit.  Really feel what it’s like to open the floodgates and let the spiritual and emotional realms within you to be grounded in your body physically and in your thoughts mentally.


In the middle of the week, the element of Fire comes in strongly with the Kind of Wands.  This is a slow and steady, sustainable fire.  Not a weakly lit fire, or an uncontrollable blaze.

Fire represents our passion, inspiration, motivation, ambition, creativity, etc.  You are the master of the Fire within you, not the other way around.  You control, direct and temper this fire as well as keep it going.

So, when your “fires” are going out (you’re lacking inspiration, motivation, etc.), it’s up to you to find a way to inspire yourself.  Find out what matters to you.

When your “fires” are all over the place (overstimulated, too many ideas, getting impassioned with a cause etc.), it’s up to you to ground these energies and take things step by step.


At the end of the week it’s time for inner reflection with the High Priestess.  This card is about getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

There’s always something more to find out about yourself, and tap into that inner source of infinite wisdom that flows within you.

Peel back the layers of who you think you are and get in touch with your truest self – who you were before anyone told you who you were.  Also the truth as you knew it before anyone told you what the truth is.

Also notice how still and calm the waters are.  She is not reactive.  This is the place you want to turn to when you need to make a choice or decision.

This is where you’ll get the most clarity, and where your truly inspired answers come from.

There’s no need to rush.  Pause, and reflect.


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