Meditation Invitation

Today let us elevate our consciousness for the benefit of all.

Envision yourself in a higher state of being where you are nothing but the strongest, brightest white light that you can imagine.  Imagine that the boundaries of your body and your mind dissolve and all you can feel is this white light flowing gently through you.

Some areas of your body might “light up” with pain, or you may feel your spine is compressed and wants to let loose, or it may even feel like anything that holds you together wants to let go.  That can be sort of shocking at first, but know that this light is perfect for you because it is the light of your own soul.  It is the perfect temperature, strength, intensity, and hue for what you need at this time to facilitate your highest healing.

If you feel any of these places “light up”, send the parts of you that feel really good and are easily absorbing the light to those places.  Talk to those places, which are the parts of you that need love and healing, and tell them that you love them.   If you listen, they might even give you some valuable information that you need to know.

Spend ten-twenty minutes bathing in this beautiful light, and give thanks to the light for your healing.  It is highly possible, however, that during this time you will perceive time very differently.  Rather than feeling time as a linear continuum, you will experience eternity.

As you do this, your healing will benefit the whole world.  The whole world will feel your love.  Thank you!